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The Ghost Mayo Tattoo Tray gives tattoo professionals the support they need to create precision world class art.

Ghost Mayo Tattoo Tray

Hands-Free Height Adjustment

The Ghost Mayo Tray introduces an industry-first feature, allowing tattoo artists to effortlessly adjust the height of the tray using a foot lever.

Magnetic, Removable Mayo Tray

The Ghost Mayo Tray (17in x 12in) has a magnetic design for convenient attachment and ample storage of tattooing essentials.

Smooth-Roll Locking Wheels

Equipped with rollerblade smooth-roll locking wheels, the Ghost Mayo Tray provides effortless mobility and stability.

Upgrade Your Tattooing Setup Today!

Kevin P.

Mimik Tattoo

It is nice to finally have a quality Tray that caters to tattoo artists workspace and expressions

Russell M.

Vault Tattoo

Feels good to have different colorways to my tray instead of a cheap boring option. We are artists and our workspace should show that off.


Mimik Tattoo

The customer services has been one of the underrated pieces of Ghost. Great people always trying to help me when I have a question.

Scary Good Reviews

The Ghost Mayo Tray is built with premium materials to ensure exceptional durability and performance:

Built Different.

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

The Ghost Mayo Tray utilizes aerospace-grade aluminum, renowned for its lightweight nature and remarkable strength. The tray is reliable, long-lasting, and is built for regular, heavy use.

Carbon Steel

To enhance its structural integrity, the Ghost Mayo Tray incorporates carbon steel in its construction. The robust carbon steel makes the mayo tray resilient, and ensures it can withstand the demanding needs of professional tattoo artists.

Polycarbonate Mayo Tray

The Ghost Mayo Tray is skillfully crafted from polycarbonate, a highly durable and transparent material. This ensures effortless visibility of the tray's contents, while also facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.


Built Different.

The Ghost Mayo Tray is built with premium materials to ensure exceptional durability and performance:

  • Attach the tray magnetically to your workstation.

  • Adjust the height effortlessly using the foot lever actuation.

  • Customize your setup on the spacious mayo tray (17 inches x 12 inches).

  • Opt for the Ghost Disposable Covers for added hygiene and easy cleanup.

  • Enjoy smooth mobility with the rollerblade smooth-roll locking wheels.

  • Streamline your workflow and focus on your art with the Ghost Mayo Tray.

How it works

Ghost Mayo tray

Revolutionize Your Tattoo Artistry with the Ghost Mayo Tray: The Ultimate Tool for Precision and Convenience.