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Hi friends! I’m Caitlyn, and I am a colorwork tattooer. I’ve been tattooing for five years, and I specialize in anime/video game tattoos in a kawaii style! Character portraits are my absolute favorite.

I’m not limited to strictly kawaii style. I love doing more serious character portraits while adding hints of my kawaii signature style. I also love taking characters from mangas and redrawing them in my style.

I add many cute and colorful elements to my pieces (which render best on larger pieces). Sparkles and hearts are my go-tos!

I will always try to add purple to any tattoo that I do.




Hey I’m DK, Mimik’s Jo-bro! I’m definitely a big weeb and anime enthusiast, but I’m also into a bunch of other things like gaming, fashion, music, and tech.

I grew up in Bear, DE - a tiny town in a tiny state. Before tattooing, I studied illustration and animation.

My black and grey tattoo style is a reflection of what I love most about anime and manga. I try to capture characters in a moment, showing off their personality or style.

I definitely love a bunch of anime and am fully immersed in its culture. My top would be: Jojo's bizarre adventure (great anime always has that one character that is clearly a JoJo’s reference), haikyuu, and full metal alchemist brotherhood.


I’m Donnie Moore, tattoo artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. I started learning how to tattoo in 2017 and these days I’m a sponsored anime artist at Mimik.

I specialize in illustrative blackwork character portraits, focus on medium-large projects, and work to level up through pieces on arms and legs. A few of my favorite anime characters/series to tattoo are: My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Fire Force (I enjoy creating art related to a wide range of gaming and pop culture characters). A few examples: Sonic, Legend of Zelda, anything Nintendo, and always - Pokémon!

I truly love creating tattoos at Mimik. Anime is what got me into drawing at a young age - and now, as a tattoo artist I’m more passionate about it than ever.









Hi, I'm Sean. I am from Jacksonville, NC. I've been tattooing since 2018. Some of my favorite things to tattoo are video game characters and anime characters. No dragons though. I grew up playing games like Diablo, Kingdom Hearts and rpgs. So I would love to get to tattoo some characters from those.






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